Johnny Abyssinia Tour is a Destination Management Company in Addis Ababa Guided tour at the four corners of the country with deep knowledge . The company is an experienced tourism enthusiasts that the first private travel company and guided many travelers who came out in 1995-2000 in the country, when Ethiopia was a vague place to find the most was placed in the other part of the world. Johnny, who was quite famous among travelers of the time was well informed and enthusiasts about his country and was nicknamed Johnny Abyssinia to denote the fact that you can see and learn Ethiopia from him. He has been working in streets that had not no trace territory of the country in those years have access unexpected nights with vehicles break in time, where mobile phone access was spent difficult.

Johnny Do not ask for the ordinary, simple, tourist and well-traveled part of the country in which he for the hidden knowledge, but, inaccessible, remote and off-the-truck spots in the country, yet less known by many local operators are.
Whether your interest is in history, and we take you deep to the there deliver the real historical ups and downs of the country that began with our experienced and dedicated staff long ago BC to the unusual. Our leaders would travel back thousands of years to the right of the points you are in attendance. Let Your search for an experience of a unique cultural encounter be, we take you closer to the real people who are outside the commercial trade daily image, but do not disregard them their everyday life. Are you here to admire the natural bliss of the country, your dreams of being in the quiet mountains, hiking in the deserts of the country or a closer look at the flora and fauna of the country of wage your trip.

We have a variety of vehicles such as 4x4, mini bus or standard tourist coaches, both the terrain to cover you and also the number of group size fits. Our vehicles are insured, are regularly maintained and operated by experienced drivers who have many years driving skills to the capacity of handling unforeseen situation in remote parts of the country and the people are attended to harmonize on site.

We have guides and tour operators, who are multilingual and were aware of the expectations of their fellow customers. A time when the trip with our guides or drivers is a time reading a sweet book tells traveling the country by the same book. No stone of nature, culture and history is uncovered with them. Each bit small looking stuff is worth creating FUN to them. Meet & Greet contact you right care on arrival and departure day of your departure to ensure that the right hands, you are at.

We have sample programs that will be changed, twisted or adapted to our valued customers with the best interest. You let us know what you want from a specific itinerary and we make sure that you delivered it to your interest.

We have our well selected and proven representatives in all the sights sights of the country including the Danakil Depression and Erta'ale for easy and quick operation of the tours.
It is our pleasure to a sister company of other reputable incoming company, Off-Road Ethiopia Tour after learning that they appreciate Design & handle tours in a way we proclaim to do to other travelers we have in Ethiopia ,

While our office is enormous doing the marketing and advertising part of the business by basing in the Netherlands, Off-Road Ethiopia Tour processed most of the ground handling task using its efficient staff together with our office.
There is only one thing you do after reading all of this profile of our company. Make sure your trip through our company arranged for a tour of Ethiopia. This can only assure your trip will come out to be a success.
We wish you a good time in Ethiopia!

You are welcome to Ethiopia, the land of 13 months of sunshine.
Tell us your traveldate, the number of people and how many days,
and we make you a special program by your interest.

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