The capital city of Ethiopia.
It has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and is the starting point for most tourists. It is the political and commercial heart of the country. The city grown at an astonishing speed and has 4 million people now since it was founded in 1887. The city is dominated by the 2400 metres high Entoto mountains, immediately to the north.
The city became the main city because Menelik II put his palace on top of the mountain Entoto at 2200 metres high. Around the palace were different churches and a lot of camps. Those camps evolved into small places. That is the reason Addis does not really have a main center, but all small onces. Because of this everywere in town you can go to restaurants and find hotels.
The other name for Addis Abeba is The new flower. The city of 250 square metres is a major metropolis and the headquarter of the African Union (AU). Africa Hall.
For travelers there is a range of excellent hotels and restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets. Addis has a flourishing cultural life, with regular exhibitions and lectures, many opportunities to experience Ethiopian music, song and dance, visit museums and to see the city sights. Also there is the biggest mercato of Africa. Realy everything you can find here.
Everything in the city you can reach with the small minivans (taxi's), but the best to see this city is by foot. Modern buildings and wide open boulevards stand side by side with historic churches, palaces and monuments, as well as simple country-style huts.
Saint George's Cathedral,
one of Addis Ababa's Ethiopian Orthodox churches.
Haile Selassi was crowned here to emperor.
Inside in the museum you can see the old clothes
of the king, old bibles, crowns and crosses.

The air is filled with the scent of flowers and eucalyptus trees, and the rich vibrancy of a city that is home to so many cultures.
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