Ethiopia is a paradise for birdwatchers. Around 860 kind of birds of witch 16 are endemic.

Many of the endemic species you can find on the western and south-eastern highland plateau are common and surprisingly easy to see, even in the environs of a city.
Endemic species like the heavy-headed thick-billed raven, the wattled ibis (with its raucous call and unsightly habit of clasping its partner's wattles and pulling), the black-winged lovebird (which whirrs through the sky like a small helicopter) and the white-collared pigeon (a fregile grey bird with a white collar and white wing patches).

Specialy birdwatching in the Rift Valley, Awash Park, Lake Abaija, Lake Chamo, Lake Langano, Lake Shala, Lake Abyata and Ziway is very interesting. 
Abijatta is a feeding ground for numerous great white pelicans and greater and lesser flamingo, as well as flocks of little grebes.  The pelicans nest in very large numbers on an island in neighbourring Lake Shalla, which is almost fishless.

In Bale Mountains are many endemic species. In Bale National Park can also be spotted  the blue-winged goose.
It is the extensive high-altitude plateau that form the habitat for birds (for birds particular, but also other forms of wildlife). Most of the endemics are to be found here, as well as a considerable number of other species. Some of the richest areas are the small patches of natural forest on gorge edges, in inaccessible valley botoms, and the often sacred groves on hilltops and around churches.
Many other species in the mountains also gorge on the seasonal bounty provided by these flowers, and the Baglafecht weaver, olive thrush, and Tacazze and malachite sunbirds will all have bright yellow faces from the pollen.

1.  Arriving in Addis Ababa
2.  Drive to Awash National Park. O/N camping or lodge.
3.  Full day in Awash National Park. O/N camping or lodge.
4.  Full day in Awash National Park. O/N camping or lodge.
5.  Drive to Lake Langano. O/N hotel Langano.
6.  Drive to Lake Shalla & Lake Abijata. O/N hotel Langano.
7.  Drive to Awassa. O/N Awassa.
8.  Drive to Bale National Park. O/N Dinsho lodge.
9.  Full day in Bale National Park. O/N Dinsho lodge or hotel.
10. Full day in Bale National Park. O/N Dinsho lodge or hotel.
11.Drive back to Addis.

This program is special for birdwatching. On the way in the Rift Valley we can stop on the way any moment you want. This way you can see all the birds.
If you are also interested in other places, we can make a special program.

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