Please Note:
Southern programs are flexible according to the clients final arrival date (and/or international flight schedule), for special events such as the market days and/or ceremonies during the year
  1.  Arrival Addis Ababa.
  2.  Drive Abyata, Shala and Langano Lakes, O/N htl.
  3.  Drive to Wolaita, Chencha (Dorze people). O/N Arbaminch hotel.
  4.  Netch Sar National Park and Chamo Lake. O/N Arbaminch htl.
  5.  Arbaminch-Jinka-Tsemay, Air, Benna people O/N Jinka.
  6.  Visit Mursi people and O/N Mago National park camp (bank of Neri River).
  7.  Drive to Murulle and visit the Karo peoples & villages. O/N camp Murulle or Duss.
  8.  Visit - Bume people & O/N Turmi at Hammer people (camp or lodge).
  9.  Visit the Hammer people, colorful markets at Dimeka or Turmi (depend on days, Hammer people dances and possible
       their marriage ceremonies (with the bull jumping). O/N camping or in fixed tent at Turmi.
10.  Omorate for Dassanech people & villages & back Turmi for O/N.
11.  Drive to Konso, through Erbore people. O/N camp or local hotel in Konso.
12.  Visit Konso village and O/N Arbaminch htl.
13.  Drive to Awasa, & Wondogenet. O/N hotel.
14.  Drive back to Addis. O/N chosen htl.
15.  Departure.
  1.  Arrive Addis Ababa and afternoon city tour including the National museum (not on Mondays), Entoto Mountains for views and
       St Mary church and tour of the capital. O/N (overnight)  hotel.
  2.  Start your drive AM by going to visit the crater lakes of Debrezeith and the three Rift Valley lakes of Shala, Abyata and Langano.
       Visit these lakes rich in birds, such as pelicans, flamingoes, storks and more. Visit Sidamo people houses and culture.
        O/N  lodge ) .
  3.  Continue driving to Arbaminch, in Amharic meaning 40 springs. Admire very interesting views and the Wolayta people, their villages,
       culture, the cultivation of the false banana tree (from which roots they extract their traditional bread, the Kotcho) and more.
       Afternoon drive to Chencha, to visit the Dorze people, their particular weaving works for which they are famous, strange houses,
       cultivation of sorghum and the false banana and more. Dinner and O/N Swaynes hotel (3*), with spectacular views over the Chamo
       and Abaya lakes and the Netch Sar park. There is also a natural path to walk down to the springs, admiring many birds, views and
  4.  Morning visit the Netch Sar park with spectacular views over the lakes and different mammals, as the endemic Swaynes Harte-
       beast, Zebras, lesser kudu, and others. Back lunch Arbaminch. Afternoon make a boat trip on Chamo. Admire crocodiles and
       hippos (here crocodiles are some of the longest in Africa, with length of 6 and also above meters). Dinner and O/N Swaynes hotel.
  5.  Drive to Turmi, crossing the Konso and Derashe people and villages, with particular culture, traditions, way of life and more. They
       are famous also for their terracing style agriculture. Continue so crossing Tsemay and Erbore people and villages. They have very
       colorful hairstyles, way of dressing and living quite peculiar. Continue to the village of Turmi, of the Hammer people. Dinner and
       O/N Turmi camping or at extra cost at the tented bungalows of the Evangadi lodge and campsite.[ according to market days,
       program can be varied by driving first to Jinka].
  6.  Visit Hamer people, their villages, possibly some dances, and more. If possible we look for the unique marriage ceremonies, with
       women slashing, bull jumping and more. If the day you arrive is MON or SAT admire the very colorful markets of the Hamer, Karo
       and Dassanech tribes respectively at Turmi or Dimeka villages. These tribes  are famous for their hairstyles, ornaments,
       scarification, culture and more. O/N Turmi.
  7.  Drive to Omorate, at bank of Omo River, to admire the Dassanech villages. If more than one (1) Vehicle, excursion  to the Turkana
       Lake at border of Kenya can be added. Back for dinner and O/N Turmi.lodge or camping
  8.  Drive to the Karo people and villages. Visit Kortcho village, with very nice views over Omo River, as Duss village.  Dinner and
       O/N Murulle camping, at bank of Omo River or near a village.
  9.  Continue for the Mago Park and camp at bank of the Neri River, admiring different animals, among which different  antelopes and
       birds. O/N camping.
10.  Proceed to the Mursi people and villages. Admire these tribes. Where for beauty women use to put clay plates into their lips, men
       have different scarification and more particularities, visit their way of life in the villages and other. Continue to Jinka village for
       dinner and O/N  hotel.
11.  Continue to Konso, admiring the Ari, Benna and Tsemay people. If market days visit very colorful ones on the way.  Visit then
       Konso famous villages and traditions. ON Konso  hotel (lodge ).
12.  Continue for the Borena people and afternoon drive to Elsod crater, from where Borena men extract salt. Visit some of their
       villages. O/N Yabelo motel ,  hotel
13.  Crossing Guji people and very nice landscapes, drive to the Rift Valley lake of Awasa. O/N Pina htl .
14.  Morning visit the fish market, then drive to Addis. Lunch at Addis Ababa. Afternoon free at leisure or we propose tour of the
       Mercato (not on Sundays), biggest open-air market in Africa, and different souvenir shops. Dinner we propose  a traditional
       restaurant with folkloristic dances of the different Ethiopian regions. O/N  hotel.
15.  Transfer airport for departure. 
       ** Male, Muguji, Bume & others can be additionally visited on request, by increasing
            the number of days.

  1.  Arrive Addis Ababa and city tour. Visit Entoto Mountains, with very nice view over the capital, and church of St. Mary
       with adjacent museum of imperial objects. Then back to the city, for the National museum. O/N hotel.
  2.  Drive to Arbaminch, with some stops for Wolayta people and houses on the way. Very interesting their houses, way
       of life, cultivation of the false banana (from which they extract their local bread, called Kotcho) and more.
       O/N Arbaminch  Hotel .
  3.  AM drive to the mountains of Chencha to visit the houses, works of weavings (for which they are extremely famous),
       cultivations (Sorgun or false banana) of Dorze people. PM boat trip on Chamo Lake, for hippos and crocodiles with
       length reaches 06 meters. Meals & O/N Arbaminch.
  4.  Drive to Jinka, admiring on the way the interesting Konso, Derase, Ari, Benna and Tsemay people, very famous for
       hairstyles, their unique culture and traditions, as the ornaments all over their body. Konso people famous for their
       terracing agricultural works and villages traditions. O/N camp or hotel Jinka town.
  5.  Admire Mursi people and villages. Here for beauty women inserts to a round clay plates in to their lips. Men different
       scarification based on number of enemies or wild animals killed in battle and many other cultures. O/N Mago park
  6.  Cross the Karo people region and visit their village of Kortcho, with beautiful views over the Omo River. Karo people
       are famous for their extravagant hairstyle in men and for the different ornaments and painting all over their body all
       men, women and children. Continue for the beautiful Hammer people region & O/N Turmi at the  campsite
       & lodge (camp ).
  7.  Full day Turmi, the region of the very nice Hammer people, with unique hairstyles, different cultural traits, ornamental
       traditions and more. Visit some very interesting villages and folk dances. If by chance it happen, you will see the
       Hammar marriage ceremony with unique celebrations, such as the bull jumping by men and many others. If
       necessary, in the morning can be done an excursion at Omorate, around the bank of OMo River, for Dassanech
       tribes & villages too. O/N Turmi camp or lodge.
  8.  Drive toward Konso & visit the Konso villages and very interesting cultures. O/N htl in Arbaminch.
  9.  AM Netch Sar Park. PM drive to Langano Lake. O/N htl.
10.  Rift valley lakes of Shalla & Abyata back AA O/N htl.
11.  Departure.

  1.  Arrival Addis Ababa.
  2.  Visit lakes Ziway, Shala, Abyata and Langano O/N hotel.
  3.  Visit Wolayita people and Chencha (Dorze tribes) O/N Arbaminch htl.
  4.  AM Visit Netch Sar National Park and PM boating on Chamo Lake. O/N Arbaminch htl.
  5.  Drive to Jinka on the way visit the Tsemay, Ari and Benna people and possibly market. O/N Jinka in hotel or camp.
  6.  Drive to Mursi people & villages. O/N Mago National Park (camping at bank of Neri river).
  7.  Drive to Murulle, visit Karo tribes and their village. O/N camp Murulle or Duss.
  8.  Cross the Omo river to visit the bume. ON Turmi camp or Lodge.
  9.  Drive Omorate and visit Dassanech  tribe + Turkana (If possible). O/N Turmi, at Hammer people region.
10.  Visit the Hammer market their dances, possibly wedding too, and their villages. O/N Turmi. lodge
11.  Drive to Erbore to visit Erbore people. Continue to Konso and O/N hotel  or lodge
12.  Visit Konso village and pm drive to Yabelo, for Borana people. O/N hotel or lodge
13.  Drive to "El Sod" for Borana (Oromo people) salt extracting and at Dublock for singing wells some villages.
       O/N Yabello.
14.  Drive to Awasa. O/N hotel.
15.  Visit the Awassa fish market and drive to Addis Ababa.
16.  Departure.

  1.  Arrive Addis Ababa.
  2.  Addis Ababa-Bale Goba. O/N htl.
  3.  Senete plateau and Harrena Escarpment (Views, Vegetation, animals). O/N htl.
  4.  Sof Omer cave and back to Goba. O/N htl Goba(or Dodola).
  5.  Drive from Goba to Wendo genet resort. O/N Wabe Shebele hotel.
  6.  Borena people. O/N Yabelo motel
  7.  ElSod crater, Dublock singing wells & Borana villages then continue for Konso & their villages. O/N Konso lodge or  htl.
  8.  At Turmi see markets, dances, ceremonies, life style of Hammer beautiful people. O/N Turmi camp or lodge.
  9.  Hammer people, markets, dances and other ceremonies . O/N Turmi.lodge or camoping
10.  Drive to Omorate and Turkana Lake (Dassanech and Incoreana people), back to Turmi camping.
11.  Drive to Karo people & villages. O/N Murulle (bungalow or camp).
12.  Enter Mago Park to make Game drive and see the wild life. O/N camp.
13.  Drive to Mursi people. O/N Jinka town (camp or htl).
14.  Drive to Key Afer village for the Ari, Benna and Tsemay peoples O/N Arbaminch htl.
15.  AM Netch Sar Park. PM boating over Chamo lake. O/N Arbaminch htl.
16.  AM Dorze people. PM Rift Valley lake of Shala, Abyata and Langano. O/N Langano htl.
17.  Rift Valley lakes. Back to Addis Ababa PM free. O/N  htl.
18.  Departure.

Karo man with bodypainting
Hamer ladies dancing evangady
View over Nesar Park to Chamo Lake
Boronna lady
Hot spring water near of  Lake Shalla
Karo women with baby
Mursi lady with big pleat
Dorze market, traditional clothes
Mursi man with bodypainting
Elsoda crater lake
You travel in Ethiopia, you find almost every 75 km a different tribe and a total different landscape. The nice weather stays with you werever you go.
After seen this site, I'm sure you want to see it for real.
We will show you much more than these pictures can.
All the programs are flexibel. Discuss this with the tourmanager.
  1.  Arrive AA.
  2.  Drive Jimma and O/N htl.
  3.  Bebeka O/N camp a lodge.
  4.  Turn for Dizi people and O/N camp.
  5.  Tulgit for Surma O/N camp.
  6.  Kibish for Surma villages and O/N camp.
  7.  Back Tulgit and O/N camp.
  8.  Drive Maji and O/N camp.
  9.  Continue to Adikas Dizi & Zilmamo tribes and O/N camp.
10.  Proceed for Nuer, headquarter of Omo National park, very rich in wild life. O/N camp.
11.  Drive Nuer. Camp.
12.  Bume people & villages and O/N camp.
13.  Drive to Omo river (Omo Mursi) cars to return, cross river with a boat & proceed to other vehicles waiting in
        the other side to return. ON Omo river camp.
14.  Visit Mursi people. O/N Mago camp.
15.  Visit Karo people & villages. O/N Turmi camp or lodge.
16.  Excursion for Dassanech people at Omorate, bank of Omo river. O/N back Turmi.
17.  Hammer people villages possibly market & ceremonies as the bull jumping. O/N Turmi.
18.  Erbore people Konso people & villages. O/N Konso at local htl or camp.
19.  Yabelo to see Borena people and El Sod crater. O/N camp or motel  htl.
20.  Drive Rift Valley lake of Langano and O/N htl.
21.  Rift Valley lakes-back AA O/N htl.
22.  Departure.

  1.  Arrive Addis Abeba.
  2.  Drive Jimma O/N htl.
  3.  Bebeka O/N camp or lodge.
  4.  Turn for Dizi people O/N camp.
  5.  Tulgit for Surma people O/N camp.
  6.  Kibish for Surma, villages, ceremonies, ways of life possibly look for the game of danga O/N camp.
  7.  Back Tulgit O/N camp.
  8.  Drive Tum O/N camp.
  9.  Drive Tepi. ON camp.
10.  Drive Jimma O/N htl.
11.  Cross Wolayita people, for Arbaminch, O/N htl.
12.  Morning visit Dorze people. Afternoon crocodiles on Chamo lake On Arbaminch.
13.  Morning Netch Sar park. Afternoon Konso people & villages O/N local htl.
14.  Tsemay & Hammer people O/N Turmi camp.
15.  Hammer people, possibly markets & ceremonies as bull jumping to qualify for marriage. Visit their villages
       & traditions. O/N Turmi.
16.  Omorate for Dassanech people at Omo riverbank. O/N back Turmi.
17.  Karo people & tradition Duss & Kortcho villages & view over Omo River. O/N Turmi.
18.  Visit Erbore people O/N Konso.
19.  Yabelo for Borena people and El Sod crater possibly Dublock wells too. O/N camp or motel .
20.  Back to Rift Valley lake of Langano. O/N htl.
21.  Rift Valley lakes and back AA. O/N htl.
22.  Departure.

  1 Arrival Addis and Transfer Hotel o/n /Hotel
  2 Drive Addis-Nekemt. O/n/Hotel
  3 Drive Nekmte to DemiDollo.O/n Hotel
  4 Drive DimbiDollo to Gambella. O/n Hotel
  5 Gambella Visit Nuar and Anuak tribes, driving Jikawo, o/n Hotel
  6 Gambella.O/n Hotel
  7 Gambella via Metu and Tepi to Mizan Teferi. O/n Hotel
  8 Drive Mizan Teferi , Dimma (big forest), Tum/Dizi Tribes. O/n Camping
  9 Tum to TulgitSurma Tribes. O/n Camping
10 Drive Tulgit To Kibish/Surma Tribes. O/n Camping
11 Kibsh visit Surma Tribes. O/n Camping
12 Drive Kibish to Bebeka. O/n Hotel or Camping
13 Drive Bebeka to Jimma. O/n Hotel
14 Drive Jimma to Arbaminch. O/n Hotel
15 Full Day visit arbaminch Nech sar N.P, Boat trip. O/n Hotel
16 Drive from Arba Minch to wondogent via chincha village to visit Dorze people. On Hotel/Wondogent
17 Drive from Wondogent to Awassa via Langano. Traditional fishmarket. O/n Hotel Langano
18 Morning visit Lake Shalla, Lake Abijatta, Lake Zway, drive continue Addis Abeba.O/n Hotel
19 Full day visit Addis,city Tour,shopping. O/n
Hotel or Departure.

  1.  Arrival at Addis Ababa.
  2.  Drive Jimma (coffee => Kaffa).
  3.  Drive Tepi and see Animals.
  4.  Drive Tum (Dizi & Tishena people).
  5.  Start trekking: Tum-Maji. O/N camp. Dizi people.
  6.  Maji-Adikas (Dizi tribes).
  7.  Adikas-Kormu (Chai tribes).
  8.  Kormu-Kibish (Surma tribes).
  9.  Kibish (O/N camp at the river bank). (Always Surma people).
10.  Kibish-Kormu.
11.  Kormu-Adikas.
12.  Adikas-Tum. End of trek.
13.  Drive Mizan Teferi.
14.  See animals-arrive Gambela.
15.  Nuer & Anuak people village.
16.  Drive Gambela.
17.  Drive Nekemte.
18.  Guder falls Wonchi Lake. O/N Ambo in hotel.
19.  Back to Addis.
20.  Departure

  1.  Arrive Addis Ababa. O/N Hotel.
  2.  Rift valley lakes O/N Langano htl.
  3.  Wolayta and Dorze people O/N htl, Arbaminch.
  4.  Netch Sar Park and Chamo lake at Arbaminch.
  5.  Konso villages. O/N camp near villages or other.
  6.  Weyto for Derashe & Tsehmay people. Ari & Benna peoples O/N Jinka.
  7.  Male people (Woven dressing by grass) and O/N Mago park camp.
  8.  Mursi people O/N Mago camp.
  9.  Karo people & villages. O/N camp at Duss or Murulle.
10.  Bume people crossing the Omo river by boat or foot. Proceed for Hamer people & O/N Turmi-Camp or lodge.
11.  Excursion at Omorate for Dassanech people & Omo River. Back O/N Turmi.
12.  Hamer people, villages. Possibly market & ceremonies O/N Turmi.
13.  Erbore people & lake Stephan (Chew Bahir) O/N Weyto camp.
14.  Konso & Borena people and villages. O/N Yabelo camp or local htl.
15.  Dublock singing wells and El Sod crater O/N Dila camp.
16.  Rift Valley lake of Awasa - Wondogenet O/N htl.
17.  Bale Nationalpark. O/N Dinsho campsite.
18.  Sanete plateau and Tuludimtu forest. O/N Goba htl.
19.  Asela - Addis Ababa O/N htl.
20.  Departure.

PROGRAM 32 (20 days and 19 nights).
  1. Arrival Addis Abeba. Meet at Bole Internasional Airport upon arrival and transfer to your hotel.
  2. Addis-Jimma. Early drive to Jimma, one of the biggest cities in Oromia region; on the way visit west part of Gurage people
      and cross the Geba river. Geba gorge. o/n hotel.
  3. Jimma-Mizan. Early drive to Mizan, on the way visit interesting landscape and tribes. o/n hotel or camping.
  4. Mizan-Tum. Drive to Tum, on the way visit Nuer, Aro and Dizi tribes. o/n camping.
  5. Tum-Tulget. Drive to Tulget and visit Aro and Surma tribes. o/n camping.
  6. Tulget-Kibish. Here you will visit Surma people; if you dare, you can visit a stick fight. o/n camping.
  7. Kibish. Full day you can  walk around Surma village and visit the tribes. o/n camping.
  8. Kibish-Bebka. Drive back and  on the way you pass tribes and biggest tea farm and coffee plantation.  o/n camping.
  9. Bebka-Jimma. Drive back to Jimma capital city. o/n hotel.
10. Jimma-Arbaminch. Drive to Arbaminch, on the way see Gibe River and visit Wolayta people and see  the spectacular
      scenery and green covered lands of the country. o/n hotel.
11. Full day at Arbaminch. Morning drive Nech Sar National park which protects variaties of savanna habitats and cross the
      bridge;  there are sweeping views over the plains to the majestic volcanic hills and it is the best area game drive to see
      zebra, swaynes heart beets ,gazele. After lunchtime boat hire in Lake Chamo to see big crocodil, hippo, pelicans. o/n hotel.
12. Arbaminch-Jinka. Drive to Jinka with short stop to visit tribes Gedole, Konso, Tsemay, Bena and Ari people. o/n hotel.
13. Jinka-Mursi-Jinka. Early drive to Mursi village via Mago National Park, this is south Omo Region; here  you can see interesting
      culture like women when age reaches about 20, the skin is cut between lower lip and mouth. Over the next year the gap is
      progressively stretched until it is large enough for small circular clay plate,so the plate is replaced with the larger one, the
      process that is repeated until eventually the gap is large enough to hold the clay plate. o/n hotel.
14. Jinka-Turmi. Drive cover the days challenging gravel road and visit Benna and Hamer tribes.These people are semi-nomadic
      hunters and cattle herders by custom, measuring their wealth in terms of their heard .Hamer people with unique hairstyle,
      cultures, ornaments and traditions. o/n camping.
15. Turmi-Konso. Drive back to  Konso via Erbore visiting the Marle tribes, which are migrated to their present homeland from
      Konso perhaps two centuries ago. Because their ancestral and cultural links to Konso and the paternalists of the surrounding
      lowland,  they played an important role as middlemen in trade between people of Omo River and Konso highlands. Proceed to
      Konso by taking break at Birale, small desert village relatively better place to take cold refreshments. o/n hotel.
16. Konso-Yabello. Drive to Yabello and visit Borena people and singing wells. o/n hotel.
17. Yabello-Awasa. Early to drive Awasa, on the way visit interesting green area, village and coffee plant. o/n hotel.
18. Awasa-Wondogent-Awash. Early visit Lake Awasa and fish market near to the Lake and drive continue  to Wondogent , the
      nominal attraction is swimming pool feed by spring. the spring area said to have curative properties which encouraged
      Emperor Haile selassie to build a private lodge. behind the lodge support a large number of forest and rough-wing swallow.
      mammals  include Colobus monkey after visit drive Awash via Langano and Zway Lakes. o/n Hotel
19. Awash-Addis Ababa. Early visit Awash National Park and see kind of animals like Oryx, gazel, kudu,  baboons and also water
      falls of Awash, after visit drive back to Addis. o/n hotel.
20. Full Day Addis. Start visit Addis Ababa Archeological and National museum where the renowned Lucy is Toto
      mountain, churches and open market. At the end of the day dinner at traditional restaurant with folkloristic Ethiopian dance
      and transfer to the  airport for departure.

Karo man with child in front of the Omo river
Bale mountains
Surma man
Karo man with gun
hammer man painting the face
HISTORICAL PLACES:Addis Abeba / Arbaminch / Aksum / Yeha / Mekelle / Gondar / Debre Damo / Harar / Lalibela / Bahar Dar / Bleu Nile / Bale Mountains

NATURAL ATTRACTIONS:  Rift Valley / South lakes / Semien Mountains  / Awash National Park / Mago Park  /  Chamo and Abaya LakeOmo Park

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