PROGRAMMA 60 - North & South Park (21 dagen, 20 nachten)
  1. Aankomst Addis Abeba
  2. Rit naar Arba Minch, het overschrijden van de Rift Valley meren en Wolayta mensen. O / N Arba Minch Hotel (of andere).
  3. 'S Morgens rijden naar Chencha Dorze voor mensen. PM boottocht op Lake chamo. O / N Arba Minch
  4. Rit naar Jinka, bewonderend door de Konso, Derase, Ari, en Tsemay mensen. O / N kamp of plaatselijk hotel Jinka stad.
  5. Bezoek de Mursi en dorpen. O / N Mago park kamp.
  6. Treed binnen in de Karo regio en bezoek Kortcho en hun dorp van Duss, met prachtig uitzicht over de rivier de Omo
        ook. O / N kamp of Murulle Duss.
  7. Doorgaan voor de Hammer bevolking & O / N Turmi op de camping.
  8. Turmi, dorpen, dans, markt-& Mogelijk huwelijksplechtigheden.
  9. Excursie naar Omori, aan de oevers van de rivier de Omo, voor Dassanech stammen en dorpen. Terug voor de O / N Turmi.
10. Rij door Tsemay Erbore en mensen aan de Konso dorpen. O / N Konso lokale hotel of camping.
11. Voer in mensen Borena regio en in de namiddag een bezoek ElSOD krater (beneden aan de krater Borena mannen zout-extract
        Hun voor runderen), Borena dorpen en meer. O / N HTL Yabelo gebouwen of camping.
12. Guji mensen kruising regio en een prachtig uitzicht rijden naar de Rift Valley meer van Awassa. O / N HTL Pina.
13. 'S Morgens bezoek aan de vismarkt, en dan terug rijden naar Addis Abeba, door het bewonderen van de Rift Valley meren van Shala, Abyata
        en Langano, Namiddag vrij in Addis.
14. Rijden noordelijk naar Kombolcha, we zien Afar en Oromo bevolking. O / N Kombolcha.
15. Drive Lalibela. O / N Lalibela
16. Volledige dag bezoek van de 11 rotskerken in Lalibela. O / N Lalibela.
17. Rit naar Gondar. O / N Gondar.
18 Ochtend Tour van Gondar kastelen en kerken. Middag drivering naar Bahar Dar. O / N Bahar Dar.
19. AM Blue Nile Falls. PM boot op Lake Tana, te bewonderen twee kloosters, zoals Ura Kidane Mahal en Mehret Zeghie
20. Rij terug in Addis Abeba. In de middag vrij.
21. Vertrek
  1. Arrive at Addis Ababa airport and transfer to your hotel.
  2. Drive to Arbaminch. On the way visit south Rift Valley Lakes and see the spectacular scenery and green covered
       lands of the country. O/n Hotel/
  3. Full day in Arbaminch to visit Netchsar National park which protects variaties of savannah habitats, ranging from
       the knotted acacia scrub on the bridge of wide scenery. Once across the bridge, there are sweeping views over
       the plains to majestic volcanic hills on the eastern boundary. After lunch drive for boattrip on Lake Chamo to enjoy
       the most spectacular scenery of the lake and see the largest crocodile, species which riches until 6-meter length /
      Crocodile Market/ of the African continent as well as birds species. After visit back to hotel.
  4. Drive to Jinka with short stop to visit people of Konso, Tsemay, Bena and Ari tribes. Which are nice and different for
       their hairstyle and way of dressing/ O/n Hotel/
  5. Early drive to Mursi villages, the most celebrated residents of south Omo, were  you can see their interesting culture
       like women when age reaches about 20, silt is cut between lower lip and mouth. Over the next year, the gap is
       progressively stretched until it is large enough for a small circular clay plate, so the plate is replaced with the larger
      one, the process that is repeated until eventually the gap is large enough to hold the clay plate. the larger the lipplate
      women can wear, the greater her value when she is married. After visit drive back to Jinka trough Mago National Park.
      O/n / Hotel/
  6. Drive to Turmi via Key Afer village, the region of the very nice Hammer people with unique hairstyle, cultures,
      ornaments and traditions. If you are interested to cover the expense, the Hammers traditional dance will be arrange
      by your guide. And if you are lucky, you will see also the Hammer people marriage ceremony. O/n / Camping/
  7. Drive Dasench Village Omorate to see the Omo river and visit the Geleb people. After visit drive back to Turmi.
      If it is saturday or monday, you can visit the market. O/n / Camping/
  8. Drive back to Konso via Erbore, visiting the Marled tribes, which are migrated to their present homeland from Konso
      perhaps two centuries ago. Because their ancestral and cultural links to Konso and the paternalists of the surroun-
      ding  lowland, they played an important role as middlemen in trade between people omo of river and Konso
      highlands. On arrival visit Konso village O/n / Hotel/
  9. Drive to Yabello. On the way visit Borena people and afternoon drive Dubluk to visit the singing walls. O/n / Hotel/
10. Drive to Awassa. On the way visit the interesting Green coffeeplant and some of traditional villages. O/n /Hotel/
11: After visit fish markets on Lake Awassa you will drive to Wondogent. This place is the small and green paradise.
      Here you can swim in the natural hot water filled pool or take shower in the open roofed natural bath. Wondogent
      is a nice spot for birdwatching and avery attraction forest. After relax drive continue Awash. O/n Hotel/
12. Early drive  to Awash National Park and start gamedrive in the park to visit water falls, Awash rivers, animals like
      Oryx, Gazelles, Baboons and Birds in the savanna. This place is additional spot next to Rift Valley. After visit drive
      to Harar. On the way you will see the very attraction mountain and you will pass through marvelous scenery of
      eastern Ethiopia. the highland and  plains. O/n / Hotel/
13. Full day visit Harar city. Exploring in to what Harar and its surrounding have to offer the walled-city, Rimbaud
      Museum, Hyena feeding, Hadre house and colorfull market. O/n / Hotel/
14. Drive back Awash. O/n / Hotel/
15: Drive to Kombolch. On the way visit the nomad Afar people and Village. O/n / Hotel/
16: Drive to Lalibela. On the way visit some of Amhra Region and people. O/n /Hotel/
17, Full day visit King Lalibela Rock-Hewn churches. The village named after the king who initiated the construction
       of these churches in the12th century. O/n / Hotel/
18. Drive to Bahir Dar. On the way visit the interesting view and traditional village. O/n / Hotel/
19. Full day visit Bahir Dar City. Morning visit of thundering Tiss-Abay Falls. After visit drive back to the city. After lunch
       boattrip on Lake Tana to visit Ura Kidane Mihret /Zeghie peninsula/ and Kibrahn Gebriel/ allowed for men only.
       After visit drive back to your hotel.
20. After visit market place and palace area drive to Debre Markos. On the way you will visit the cultural Amhara
      people village. O/n /Hotel/
21. Drive to Addis Ababa. On the way you will visit the Blue Nile Gorge and Dere Berhan Monastery.  
Erbore lady
Elsoda crater lake
Lake Tana, art in the church
House of Dorze, they call it elephant house
Si viaggia in Etiopia, si trova quasi ogni 75 km una tribù diversa e un paesaggio totalmente diverso. Il bel tempo resta con te werever andate.
Dopo aver visto questo sito, sono sicuro che vogliono vedere per davvero.
Vi mostriamo molto di più di queste immagini può.
Tutti i programmi sono flexibel. Discuti questo con il tourmanager.
LUOGHI STORICI:Addis Abeba / Arbaminch / Aksum / Yeha / Mekelle / Gondar / Debre Damo / Harar / Lalibela / Bahar Dar / Bleu Nile / Bale Mountains

ATTRAZIONI NATURALI:  Rift Valley / South lakes / Semien Mountains  / Awash National Park / Mago Park  /  Chamo and Abaya LakeOmo Park


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